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Review Process

What is peer-review?
Peer review in academic journal publishing is the process by which an author's research is considered and commented upon by independent experts who work in the same field.
Journals published by Foundation of Computer Science (FCS) abide by the peer-review guidelines. Each articles before being accepted for publication must undergo stringent peer-review process.
Peer-review advantage
Research shows that the process not only improves the language that authors use and the way that they present their ideas, but may also alert them to statistical and scientific errors in their research, inappropriate methodology, or inaccuracies in referencing which they can then correct before publication.
Submitting work to an international journal for anonymous refereeing by unknown peers is, in short, still one of the best tests of scholarly credibility in the academic world.
FCS performs multiple variations of peer-review
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS) journals provide a statement of their peer review policy on their digital libraries.