The FCS research grant is a grant pool awarded primarily to qualified researchers and academicians. Funding may also be granted to recent PhDs who would like to conduct research on domains which are covered by the journals of Foundation of Computer Science (FCS). The FCS research program is introduced to help scientists, researchers and academicians to take up active Research & Development activities. We understand the importance of previous grant history when it comes to application of federal or accredited university research grants. FCS research grants help researchers to become eligible for further international research fundings.
Terms of Award:
Effective January 2, 2011 vide circular 374-ADD-6B-FCS, the candidate accepted for the grant program must volunteer to organize a special issue on behalf of FCS as a co-publisher. All researchers and academicians applying for research grant are requested to provide a proposal for special issue. Usually a specialization topic (such as "Evolutionary Computation") is given preference while accepting the special issue and grant proposal.